Nothing great ever comes without sacrifice, inspiration or motivation. Every successful athlete has to make sacrifices.

They get their inspiration from the greats who have paved the way before them. They stay motivated by small victories.

Some people like to live without too much risk. They’re satisfied leading a safe existence. This attitude infiltrates their goals.

You have to take risks. Especially in the gym when you’re squatting 500 for reps and you can’t get one more but grunt out ten. Your nose starts bleeding, you fall into the rack and that’s set one. Nothing gets in the way of training – not girlfriends, TV, or a family lunch. Being hardcore is more than just training. Welcome to the cornerstone of nutrition. Raw Gear is not just a supplement brand, it’s a way of life. It is the only way. We know this. You will too. You deserve what you settle for…everybody was once small and weak. Everybody grows old and weak, but what you do in between is up to you. Your future, starts today.
Raw Gear will give you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Zero artificial flavours. Zero artificial colours. Zero additives.
Just pure, raw, hardcore nutrition. No nonsense, no bullshit.